Services and Pricing

We’re affordable!



We have more varieties of deck tiles than the big box stores do.

 Ours are better and more affordable too!


We’re dirt cheap, err… well not really dirt cheap but affordable cheap!  Bottom line?  We charge less than our competitors and offer hassle-free installations. We have the advantage of being a smaller business and with less overhead expenses.  We pass the savings on to our customers.  No fooling around.

Prices vary due to size and complexity of your outdoor space.

We also provide fast & friendly quotes and accept all major credit cards.


INSTALLATIONS:  Competitors charge over $20/square foot for installations.  Our average prices are well below this.  We charge as low as $7.99/square foot. This may sound too good to be true but it’s not.  Just being honest.
“SOLID TILES” (Charcoal-Slate & Coffee Brown):
Average Installation Price Range: $7.99-14.99/sq.ft + HST
Average Installation Price Range: $11.99-18.99/sq.ft + HST